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Is polished concrete always possible?

In nearly all cases polished concrete is possible. However, the outcome is the floor is always dependent on the concrete itself. No floor is the same. 

Is polished concrete durable?

Polished concrete is extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. So it is a great long-term investment in your home. 

Is it slippery?

Polished concrete is not slippery unless it gets wet. For wet areas there are possibilities of grind & seal where a topical sealer is used where anti slip additives can be used.
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Residential and commercial, from minimal to full aggregate exposure finishes possible.

What You Need to Know About Concrete Buffing Perth

If you are not a professional in buffing your floors, you should reach out to a high-end company that will do it. Luckily, concrete buffing Perth is quite affordable irrespective of your room size.

For optimal concrete buffing, the company needs the right equipment and an experienced team of professionals. The type of finish you desire can only be achieved if you involve experts to do the job for you.

If you are in Perth, our company will be glad to offer you quality concrete buffing services at an affordable price. You can always contact us; our ready team of experts will do the buffing for you.

Buff concrete floor Perth

To buff concrete floor Perth, we use modern equipment like speed polishers that are safe for use. In addition, we may carry our power source and water feed hose if we need to do wet polishing.

We also have a variety of polishing pads that we use depending on your needs. For example, some clients we have worked with want super smooth finishes, while others want rough finishes.

Our team is well-equipped to deliver your desired finish, whichever finish you want. If we use high-speed grinders, we have the right dry pads for the job, meaning that we will not delay the site waiting for the tools.

Besides the need for buffing professionals with the right equipment set, you will need a good company to buff concrete floor Perth successfully. It is the company that you will choose that will determine how long the job will delay before it is finished.

Although concrete buffing Perth is a challenging job, especially if it is being done for a large room, you need a company that has the best rating for the job. You can decide to have us buff concrete floor in your house quickly, professionally, and affordably. Just give us a call. 

Concrete Polishing Perth

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