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We use diamond floor pads for complete floor restoration and maintenance of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone. The SuperShine & SpongeLux discs allow both the removal of scratches and restoration of the floors shine and aesthetic beauty

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Is polished concrete always possible?

In nearly all cases polished concrete is possible. However, the outcome is the floor is always dependent on the concrete itself. No floor is the same. 

Is polished concrete durable?

Polished concrete is extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. So it is a great long-term investment in your home. 

Is it slippery?

Polished concrete is not slippery unless it gets wet. For wet areas there are possibilities of grind & seal where a topical sealer is used where anti slip additives can be used.
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Residential Polished Concrete Floors Perth

In most modern residential projects, polished concrete floors have become very popular, especially in Perth. But, of course, the owners of the residential buildings have noticed something unique with these types of concrete floors. Residential polished concrete floors in Perth are made from diverse materials. This depends on the owner’s choice and how they want the residential floors to look. There are those polished concrete floors that are made of polished diamond pads to make the floor’s natural color look better. This is what is known as cream polishing. It is the most common type of residential polished concrete floors, perhaps because it is affordable. However, for this type of polishing, you need to have a very smooth floor without marks, cracks, or scratches. Nevertheless, if you are determined to have this type of polishing and your floor is damaged, our experts will help you and ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Another type of residential polished concrete floors in Perth is the one that has a golden finish. This is usually called a salt and pepper finish. With this type of polish, you can determine the desired colour for your residential building. Because of its customization nature, it tends to be more expensive than cream-polished concrete. However, its glossy appearance makes it a preferred floor in most restaurants. Those two are the commonly used residential polished concrete floors in Perth. We recommend that you contact us and ask for samples of the end product before finally settling on your ultimate design. Our professionals are ready for you. Why do many residential building owners prefer polished concrete floors for their buildings? Let’s briefly look at that.

Benefits of Using Polished Concrete Floors in a Residential

  1. They have a unique appearance
The way polished concrete looks is not common in most buildings. It gives the residential a feel of class and beauty. But, of course, this is a big advantage to the landlords and landladies who own the buildings. Most tenants want houses that have class, and such a residential will get flocked with tenants because of the uniqueness of the
  1. They are durable
As opposed to bare floors, residential polished concrete floors Perth last longer on average. While bare floors usually have cracks and potholes, polished floors remain shinny and smooth. The secret behind this longevity is the hardening done on polished concrete. This makes them hard to crack or chip out like ordinary cement floors. Generally, residential polished concrete floors will last longer than vinyl, wood, or carpeted floors.
  1. They are easy to maintain
This is one of the major benefits of having polished concrete in your residential in Perth. Since they don’t harbor stains, allergens, or dust particles, they become very easy to clean and maintain. However, that does not mean they don’t require any maintenance. On the contrary, they require some minimal maintenance which is quite manageable. For example, if you want your residential floor to retain its sheen, then your caretaker needs to be cleaning the floor regularly. One thing you should completely avoid is using wax coating; it will make the floor lose its beautiful sheen appearance and eventually become dull.
  1. They offer a Sustainable Solution

The owners of residential buildings don’t want unnecessary electricity usage, especially during the day in the corridors of their buildings. So most of them have decided to use polished concretes since they reflect light.

That explains why residential polished concrete floors have become a sustainable solution in most high-traffic buildings. We can also call polished concrete greener flooring because of its easy cleaning. 

The cleaner doesn’t need to use some chemicals and adhesives to make the floor look excellent. Besides, the floor doesn’t require additional materials as long as the building has a concrete slab. 

  1. It is slip-resistant

We always advise our customers to keep polished concrete floors dry and tidy. As long as the floor is not wet, it is slip-resistant. It may look sleek and shiny but less slippery when dry.

Now, how do you maintain polished concrete in a residential building?

How to Maintain a Polished Concrete Residential Perth

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain, although that does not eliminate the need for maintenance. Here are some of the commonest ways you can maintain a polished concrete residential Perth:

  1. Clean the floor regularly

For the floor to maintain its sheen and beautiful appearance, you must clean it regularly with a damp cloth. In addition, you should use soap and water weekly, although you need to be careful of the slippery floor when cleaning.

  1. Avoid using a wax coating

If you are unsure of a chemical, don’t use it on your floor. To maintain that sheen appearance, you need to clean the floor regularly. Using wax coating will dull the floors of your polished concrete residential Perth. 

  1. Keep the floor dry always

Although the floor does not allow contaminants to penetrate and also discourages mould formation, keeping it dry will always help avoid injuries within your polished concrete residential. Also, avoid stains on the floor.

Polished Concrete Home Perth

Like in residential projects, you will need a polished concrete home to keep you and your family safe. One benefit of having polished concrete home Perth is its hypoallergenic flooring. 

This means that it does not allow allergens to settle in your home. This is the right option if you are asthmatic or allergic to dust, pollen, pet dander, and contaminants. 

Its non-porous nature makes a polished concrete home Perth a great option if you have a toddler crawling. There will be no mould formation or penetration of moisture.


Residential Concrete Grinding Perth

To ensure that your residential concrete floors maintain their sheen, you may need to grind regularly as one of the maintenance practices. However, residential concrete grinding Perth requires some inspection before starting the process.

You will need an expert to inspect the floors to know which grinder to use. That’s where our experts come in. With years of experience in residential concrete grinding Perth, you can be sure we will provide you with the best concrete grinding services. So give us a call today.

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